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Statutory Matters for the 52nd FIS Congress
16 January 2020 года
Statutory Matters for the 52nd FIS Congress

The 52nd International Ski Congress will be held in Royal Cliff (THA) from 17th to 23rd May 2020. 

Online registration for participants and delegates closes on 31st January 2020. Even if National Ski Associations have not finalised the details of their delegations yet, it is strongly recommended that registration is made as soon as possible. Room allocations are made on a first come first served basis and it is possible to make one change to the name and/or arrival and departure dates at a later date.

1. Appointment of FIS Committee Members

National Ski Association proposals for qualified members must include both genders, if there is more than one member proposed, with the following targets:
- period 2020 - 2022: maximum 70% one gender
- period 2022 - 2024: maximum 60% one gender

In cases where the respective Committee has a Vice-Chair position, the Council will assign the Chair and Vice-Chair representing both genders where possible.

The above gender balance requirements relate to the entire National Ski Association FIS Committee membership delegation. Therefore if a National Ski Association proposes ten  members in different committees, it can include a maximum of seven  of one gender. For clarification, the calculation refers to "committee positions". Therefore, when one person is a member in three committees, he/she is counted three times.

Submitting proposals for FIS Committee Membership

Nominations for FIS Committees for the upcoming Congress 2020 – 2022 period will be made by each National Association’s designated Committee Member Manager within the FIS Member Section, in the same way as for the previous period.

Existing Members: Please note that it is necessary to submit proposals for all FIS Committee Membership, including existing members.

New Members: For the proposal of new FIS Committee Members on the application form, it is necessary to additionally submit a short biography for each person indicating name, full address, e-mail, phone(s), date of birth, function and activities within your Association. (Please send these details to

Committee position: The application form also requires that the proposals also indicate the position for which the person is proposed: Member, Conference Member, Vice-Chair, Chair.

2. Determination of the number of votes at FIS Congresses

It is necessary for the National Ski Associations to provide the following details to determine the number of votes at FIS Congresses and the calculation of the membership fees 2020 and 2021.

Please complete and submit the various requested information in the form found under this link.

A detailed explanation, as well as the list of votes at the FIS Congress 2020 per National Ski Association has been established according to the membership fees paid for 2018 and 2019 and has been sent out to all National Ski Associations.

3. Official delegates at the FIS Congress (General Assembly)

Please indicate the names of your National Ski Association’s delegates at the FIS Congress on Friday, 22nd May 2020 in the form under this link.

In order to prepare the necessary documents for the FIS Congress all National Ski Associations should respect the deadline and provide the requested information for Items 1, 2 and 3 by latest 15th April 2020.

4. Election of the FIS Council and the FIS President 2020 – 2022

Details regarding proposals for candidates to the Council 2020 – 2022 have already been communicated to the National Ski Associations on 20th December 2019. According to the decision of the 43rd International Ski Congress in Portoroz (SLO), the Vice-Presidents will be elected by the Council at its first meeting following the election of the Council members by the Congress.

New for 2020: Candidates for the FIS Council are additionally required to submit the following forms accompanying the application:
-      Written and signed proposal letter by National Ski Association
-      Biography
-      Passport
-      Eligibility Questionnaire 
-      Declaration of Interests
-      Acknowledgement of the FIS Conflict of Interest Policy


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