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Korea’s Dream Programme brings kids to snow sports
1 March 2013 года
Korea’s Dream Programme brings kids to snow sports
The Dream Programme is an annual winter sports training camp staged in Korea for international youth between the ages of 11-15. The camp not only targets youth from countries with snow, but also from countries that are snowless including Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Oman, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico and Colombia.

Events take place in the Gangwon Province, the host province of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang (KOR). Each year the dream program introduces around 150 youngsters from 30-40 participating countries. The programme aims to create participants from their respective nations for the Pyeongchang 2018 Games.

Working with the Korean embassies around the world, applications are distributed to each partner country. Each embassy works closely with the National Olympic Committee to further communicate the program and its aims. The Dream Programme also incorporates youth with disabilities through cooperation with the National Paralympic Committee within each country.

Since the programme’s inception in 2004 great results have been achieved. 1083 participants have been flown into Korea and have taken part. Whilst having a strong focus on giving children a chance to explore, enjoy and experience snow sports, the programme also takes into account cultural aspects and gives participants a chance to take a tour of the Olympic Venues as well as the Korean capital Seoul.

Looking to the future, the Dream Programme is continuing to grow in strength through well planned organisation and assistance from the Korean government. Over the coming years the Dream Programme will continue to work with its partners to develop further global youth participation in snow sports leading to the 2018 Games.

For further information visit the Dream Programme website

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