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Ski Jumping Season Review with Walter Hofer
29 April 2013 года
Ski Jumping Season Review with Walter Hofer
Walter Hofer, FIS Ski Jumping Race Director, has taken a moment to reflect on the past season.

Looking back, what is your overall evaluation of the past 2012/13 season?

First of all it was one of the most successful World Cup seasons ever. It was mainly based on the excellent organisation by our various Organisers and overall good external conditions. Only one competition day had to be cancelled due to strong winds.

What were your personal highlights?

From a sporting point of view it was great to see that the restrictions with regard to jumping suits worked out extremely well. We never had so many close and exciting finals in any of the events. Many more athletes and nations were able to gain podium places compared to the years before. The fluctuation among the winners is a very positive sign with Austria’s Gregor Schlierenzauer once again showing an outstanding performance. Especially the number of possible winners in team events has increased.

On the road to the next season ...

Source: FIS

Our season analysis has detected the need to better communicate the information to spectators especially with regard to the evaluation of the individual performance of the jumps. In this respect, we are going to completely review the single interval of an athlete´s run down in order to make the calculation of the final score more transparent and more easily understandable to the audience. The upcoming FIS Ski Jumping Summer Grand Prix series should give us the right tool to test out these details.

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