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10 Days until World Olympic Day
13 June 2018 года
10 Days until World Olympic Day

On the 23rd June 2018, the message of Olympism will be amplified across the globe with the celebration of Olympic Day.

Olympic Day raises awareness of the vital role sport and physical activity play in society – especially as potential tools for development, youth engagement, and empowerment.

As the 2018 edition marks the 70th anniversary of Olympic Day, the IOC will celebrate through its campaign, United By. This campaign will bring together stories, experiences and events of Olympism from across the world building a unified celebration of Olympic ideals and values. 

The campaign will also work to promote the Olympism in Action Forum (OiAF) taking place in Buenos Aires on 5th-6th October, ahead of the Youth Olympic Games, and help define what ‘Olympism’ means. The OiAF will bring together stakeholders across the Olympic Movement and society to open new dialogues, discuss global challenges, and share inspiring stories to further mobilize sport to create a better world.

Launching United By

Last Friday the IOC launched its United By Olympism’ video which seeks to define Olympism and to highlight that it is more than the Games and more than Olympians. It is a philosophy of life that brings together sport with culture and education for the benefit of humanity.

United By also shows the world the role that the Olympic Movement can play in opening the door to peace, and how sport can build bridges, bringing people together.

In the coming weeks and months, all Olympic stakeholders and encouraged continue to share moments of Olympism from ambassadors, athletes, partners, volunteers, coaches, photographers and more. Watch Olympic.org for regular updates to the United By campaign

Source: fis-ski.com

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