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Geraghty-Moats and Watabe win individual events in Oberwiesenthal
27 August 2019 года
Geraghty-Moats and Watabe win individual events in Oberwiesenthal

Tara Geraghty-Moats (USA) and Akito Watabe (JPN) were the winners of the first individual event of the Summer Grand Prix 2019. The American won by a large margin of +1:48.3, while Watabe distanced Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT) by 1.5 seconds. Yoshito Watabe completed the podium on the men’s side, Stefaniya Nadymova (RUS) and Jenny Nowak (GER) claimed the podium positions for the women.

Difficult wind conditions made ski jumping in Oberwiesenthal very difficult today. Both for the men and for the women, the jumping rounds had to be cancelled and the PCR was used. 

On Friday, Tara Geraghty-Moats (USA) had shown a jump of 98 metres and a point total of 116.5 points put her on top of the result list with an advantage of 17 seconds at the start. The American was be followed by strong Russian Stefaniya Nadymova, who jumped to 96 metres. Gyda Westvold Hansen (NOR) was third with 90.5 metres (101.6 p.) and started her race at a respectful distance of one minute behind Geraghty-Moats. 

Behind Westvold Hansen, the field was tightly packed with Annika Sieff (ITA) starting at +1:09, Marte Leinan Lund followed at +1:12, Veronica Gianmoena (ITA) at +1:20 and Jenny Nowak (GER) and Annalena Slamik (AUT) started their races at +1:43 and +1:47.

Geraghty-Moats skied a lonely race at the top, overlapping many of the competitors on the way to the finish. At half-time point, her advantage had already grown to almost a minute and the dominator or the Women’s Nordic Combined circuit extended her lead to one minute and 48 seconds in the end. With her result, Geraghty-Moats set the best jump and the best cross-country time of 15:49.4, proving once more she is the the most complete female Nordic Combined athlete in the world right now.

Russia’s Stefaniya Nadymova impressed on the jumping hill and skied fast enough to defend the second place by almost a minute in the end. German Jenny Nowak delighted the audience with a courageous race and skied to the podium from position seven. She finished +2:34.4 after Geraghty-Moats. The second-fastest woman on track was Anastasia Gocharova, who skied from position 16 to a final sixth rank.

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