FGUP «South Federal centre of sport training»

Address: 6, Bzugu street, Sochi, Krasnodar Region

Main sports: Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, luge, snowboard, bobsled, skeleton, short track, speed skating, figure skating, athletics, sailing, weightlifting, football, rugby, cycling, archery

Description: summer ski jump complex, central stadium with natural grass turf and track and field facilities, training soccer field, gym bar, outdoor playgrounds, gyms, sports games room and a sailing center
The hotel complex, conference rooms, hydrothermal complex, health and recreation center, gyms, sports grounds

Contacts: +7(8622) 97-52-26

Federal Centre of sport training UTTS «Novogorsk»

Address: Novogorsk district, Khimki, Moscow Region

Main sports: freestyle, basketball, volleyball, handball, rhythmic gymnastics (individual and group exercises), archery, shooting, fencing, football, hockey, figure skating, luge, short track, curling, freestyle wrestling, trampolining, mini football, rugby

Description: 3 universal multipurpose sports halls, mirrored gym choreography, gyms, halls of power and kinematic simulator, 2 football fields covered with lawn, a grassy field with artificial turf, an ice arena with sound equipment, shooting range with electronic equipment, a swimming pool, 4 classrooms for theoretical classes and video preview drills and games

Contacts: +7(495) 545-22-16

Official site:

Centre of sport raining «Demino»

Address: 21а, Pobeda street, Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Region

Main sports: cross-country skiing, short track, triathlon

Description: 10 tracks to race on skis in the past gomolatsiyu and certified by FIS, summer roller trail passed homologation and certified by FIS, restorative-Cross track

Contacts: +7(4855) 294-030

Official site:

FGUP «Ozero Krugloe»

Address: Ozertskoye village, Dmitrovskiy area, Moscow Region

Main sports: gymnastics, swimming, fencing, chess

Description: gym, fencing, swimming pool, teaching and training facilities

Contacts: +7 (495) 578-70-01